Check out this incredible list of speakers you can expect to hear from during the various panels and fireside chats we have lined up during

Blockchain Hub Davos 2022


Our speakers are central to what we do. These are the incredible speakers you’ll be spending time with at

Blockchain Hub Davos 2022

Cyrus Fazel

Founder of Swissborg

Christopher Perkins

President of CoinFund

Robert Materazzi

CEO of Lukka

Olaf Hannemann


Andrea Abrams

Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer at PHYGICODE, Chief of Strategy at Faith Tribe DAO

Pedro Lopez Belmonte

Blockchain Lead of Richemont

Anthony Scaramucci

Founder/Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital

Jane Cui

Founder/Managing Director & Global Director, Mobile Solutions of Ernst Leitz Labs & Leica Camera

Katie Richards

Head of Global Operations of State Street Digital

Maria Buccellati

President at Faith Connexion fashion brandCo-founder and Creative Director at Faith Tribe DAO

Dr. Willi Brammertz

Founder/Managing Director at Ariadne Business Analytics

Erich Spangenberg

CEO of IPwe

Gideon Greaves

Managing Director at CV VC Africa

Charles Hoffman

Product Manager at Father of XBRL

Efi Pylarinou

Founder of Efi Pylarinou Advisory

Dr. Allan Mendelowitz

President of ACTUS Financial Research Foundation

Patrick Horsman

Managing Director at Coral Capital

Andy Christen

Co-Founder & CEO of Liti Capital

Charles Okochu

Senior Business Development Manager at Amazon Managed Blockchain

Brock Pierce

CEO of Helios

Rachid Ajaja

Founder & CEO at AllianceBlock

Mario Nawfal

Co-Founder and CEO at NFT Technologies; Founder at IBC Group

Wahid Chammas

Co-Founder and Chairman at Faith Tribe DAOFounder & CIO at TyreGate Capital Holdings, LTD.

Georg Bak

Digital art Advisor at Tokengate

Ronit Ghose

Head of Banking, FinTech and Digital Assets, Future of Finance at Citi Global Insights

Max Shin

CEO of Rotonda, Burrito Wallet (Bithumb Mobile Wallet)

Dr. Stephan Holzer

Co-Founder & CEO of Veritic

Alex Altman

COO of Seal Storage

Jesse Morris

CEO of Energy Web

Suho Park

Reporter - Maekyung Economy of Maekyung Media Group

David Branch

Chairman of Consensus Capital

Ali Habbabeh

Blockchain Acceleration Lead at Roche

Anya Ayoung Chee

Fashion Designer and Social Entrepreneur at PHYGICODE

John deVadoss

Board Member of Global Blockchain Business Council

Eva Kaili

Vice President of European Parliment

Ramesh Ramadoss

Board Member of IEEE Standards Assocication

Mrinal Manohar

Co-Founder & CEO of CasperLabs

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

Editor-in-Chief at Cointelegraph

Jürgen Weidmann

Senior Business Development Manager at WM Datenservice

Brittany Kaiser

Founder of Gryphon Mining

Ashok Ranadive

Director of Professional Services at CasperLabs

Medha Parlikar

Co-Founder/CTO of CasperLabs

Nitin Gaur

Managing Director at State Street Digital

Shyam Nagarajan

Executive Partner, Web3.0 and Sustainability at IBM Consulting

Bijan Alizadeh

Founder/General Partner at Cypher Capital

Tony Greenberg

CEO & Founder of RampRate - Impact-Focused Organizations, Blockchain Solutions & Decentralized Governance

Wulf Kaal

Professor, Digital Assets, NFT & DAO Expert, Co-Founder at DEVxDAO

Lou Kerner

Founder of Crypto Mondays

Will O'Brien

CEO and co-founder of NFT Oasis

Nilson Kufus

Co-Founder & CEO of Nomoko

James Woolley

CMO of MetaVest Capital

Dario De Siena


Carlos Creus Moreira

Founder, Chairman and CEO of WISeKey

Joshua Kriger

Co Host & Co-Founder at Edge of NFT | NFT LA

Prasad Kanche

Associate Partner at IBM

Michael Casey

Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk

Todd A Goergen

Managing Partner of Ropart Asset Management

Sheila Warren

CEO at Crypto Council for Innovation

Joel Curado

Managing Director, BD at CasperLabs

Fleur Heyns

Co-Founder of Proof of Impact

Nathan Gabig

Sustainable Finance, Securitization & Capital Markets, ESG Market Leader at KPMG

Eathan Janney

Co Host & Co-Founder of Edge of NFT | NFT LA

Geoff Page

Director and Co-Founder of Forest Staking

Niamh O'Connell

Senior Business Development Manager at CasperLabs

Bhargav VR Perepa

IBM Blockchain Architect / Specialist /Consultant / Advisor at IBM

Esteban van Goor

Co-Founder of Dmusic, Founder of Xange

Vineet Budki

Managing Partner of Cypher Capital

Rima Qureshi

Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Vice President at Verizon

Dmitry Tokarev

CEO of Copper.co

John Sarson

CEO of Sarson Funds

Basim El-Shoura

Vice President Business Growth of Bitpanda

Lucian Aguilar

Global Markets Lead, Europe of Kraken

Nitin Kumar

Co-Founder & Chairman of zByte

Alexander Fazel

Chief Partnerships Officer of SwissBorg

Josef Holm

Founding partner - Draper Goren Holm

Richard Threlfall

Global Head of KPMG IMPACT

Kevin Delaney

Co-Founder & CEO & Editor in chief of Charter

Timothy Lewis

Founder of DEVxDAO

Anthony Mason

Head of Marketing Intelligence at Star Atlas

Michael Weiksner, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO of Pocketful of Quarters

Keith Montgomery

Venture Partner of NUE Digital Capital

Faryar Shirzad

Chief Policy Officer of Coinbase

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