Check out this incredible speakers lists of the various panels and fireside chats we have during

CV Summit 2022


Our speakers are central to what we do. These are the incredible speakers we have during

CV Summit 2022

Alain Kunz

Director of Business Development, GSR

Dr. Dirk Klee

CEO, Bitcoin Suisse AG

Gideon Greaves

Managing Director, CV VC Africa

Gökçe Phillips

CEO, CryptoIndexSeries

Karl Kobelt

President for the City of Zug

Nicola Plain

CEO, Aktionariat

Olaf Hannemann

Co-Founder and CIO, CV VC

Sandi Bitenc

CEO, 3Air

Monty Metzger

CEO and Founder, LCX

Massimo Butti

Head of Equity, SIX Digital Exchange

Andrea Abrams

Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer at PHYGICODE, Chief of Strategy at Faith Tribe DAO

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